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2014 Mitsubishi EVO X

Chad Eller’s 2014 Mitsubishi EVO X

Chad Eller’s 2014 drove his stock Mitsubishi EVO X over 300 miles from Georgia to have a series of upgrades performed. After consulting with our sales and installation staff about his goals for the car, a list of upgrades was proposed and accepted by Chris to allow him to increase the cars horsepower without sacraficing the abilty to drive it every day. Once the order of quality parts arrived at our facility, the car was dropped of and prepared for the installation. Just 2 days later he arrived back to find his car with all of the parts below installed, and a custom Titan Motorsports tune and a car he can drive every day making over 335HP and nearly equal torque. We’re known for a big horsepower and complete car restorations, but smaller upgrade packages like this one happen day in and day out in our tuning department as well.

Mod List:
AMS downpipe
AMS intercooler
AMS intercooler pipes
AMS cold air intake
Agency Power mid pipe
Agency Power catback exhaust

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